Seen & Heard: Holy Ground Restaurant Preview

••• Bulletproof Coffee, which opened in the eastern half of 95 Chambers all of three months ago, has closed. The guy at Pure Green (on the west side) said that the company decided to focus on its online efforts. Not sure I ever realized that Bulletproof Coffee is coffee with oil and butter.

••• If you’re dying to get a preview of Holy Ground, the restaurant opening in the former Super Linda space at W. Broadway and Reade, head over to Williamsburg, where Holy Ground is doing a “pop-up every Friday night, Saturday & Sunday from 1 p.m. (85 N 15th).” It’s in in the yard outside the San Damiano Mission Church. There’s much more on the pop-up—and the forthcoming restaurant—in this A Hotel Life article. An excerpt; the quotes are from co-founder/chef/pitmaster Franco V:

“We’ll probably add sandwiches at some point in the summer, but I wanted to really work on getting brisket down before the restaurant opens. Getting it as good as I can get it, before we actually start serving it.” Though brisket and ribs are the focus, vegetarian options like smoked mushroom help establish the direction of the brand. “The whole concept of the restaurant is to marry barbecue with modern cuisine. Healthy things like fish, incorporating the barbecue flavor in that, but also vegetable forward sides, healthy salads, stuff you wouldn’t normally associate with barbecue. And we’re able to do all that because we’re not tied to any roots.”

••• System Architects posted a photo of a balcony heading for its very interesting project at 187 Franklin.

••• Someone took a photo of the derelict façade of 43 Lispenard and then posted the photo on the façade, and then took another photo and posted it on the façade, and so on. (And then someone else tried to tear it off.)

••• Keep an eye out for Nordleman. (Photo by Robert Ripps.)


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  1. Oh poor Nordleman. I hope he is ok!