Seen & Heard: Trader Joe’s Is Now “Coming 2018”

••• There’s still no activity at the Trader Joe’s opening at Sixth and Spring. The company’s list of stores now describes it as “coming 2018,” as opposed to the previous “coming soon” and, before that, “coming 2017.” (The website says, “opens late 2017,” which we can assume is outdated.)

••• But, hey, across the street Soho Square’s renovation is coming along.

••• A New York Transit Museum store has opened at 2 Broadway.

••• I always get excited about BLT season at Wichcraft—and the company deserves kudos for restricting its use of tomatoes to high summer—but this year’s sandwich was disappointing, with the bread the dominant component. Houseman‘s (below) was much better, probably the best in the area, especially when you factor in the fantastic fries that you can get on the side.

••• La Colombe now sells draft latte in cans (with various milks and in various strengths). Not sure how the milk is frothed—maybe the way Guinness does something similar in its cans? P.S. La Colombe may have been offering this for a while; I don’t normally look inside the refrigerated case.

••• 484 Greenwich’s conversion has been revealed. It appears that the big change is the windows on the top left, where there used to be a terrace (or just roof).


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  1. I love La Colombe coffee…but coffee in cans?? I thought the company was concerned about the environment, as well as the full aesthetic experience of drinking coffee.