Seen & Heard: Canal Park Inn Has Been Shut Down

••• Sorry to see that Canal Park Inn has been forced to close. It was sweet.

••• “For the past 15 minutes or so,” emailed N. on Saturday, “a helicopter has been pulling/dangling an large brightly lighted object that looks a lot like the SS Enterprise–type Star Trek ship through the air up and down the lower Hudson/Upper harbor at varying speeds and altitudes (sometimes lower than the tops of the Battery Park City buildings). We tried to get a picture but our phones weren’t up to the low light and speed conditions. Maybe someone else did.” Then N. followed up: “This is what we saw. [A promotion for a new “Star Trek” TV show.] There are some bad details in the article (like City Vineyard being at Pier 46) and it also implies that it only flew north of us, but we saw it make a number of passes north and south of Murray Street and at least as south as the Statue of Liberty, which it circled.” The video:

••• Claudine Williams—whose work has graced the Spotlight Q&As—is branching out into children’s portraiture, offering “in-home, on-location and in-studio children’s portraits tailored to your liking. We can make the session as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. Portraits are printed on professional quality papers and can be matted and framed.” There’ll come a day when you’ll wish you had something better than school portraits and phone shots.

••• Opening September 27: “Art Projects International is pleased to present Suddenly a Knife, an exhibition of new white paintings by Il Lee.” Won’t someone please buy me this one?

••• M. M. De Voe had more info on the Louis Vuitton pop-up museum (about the brand) opening October 27. She also said that this will mark “the first time that building has been seen since it closed.” (And James found an article in WWD.)

••• So odd that the Bouley organization, which has long had some of the best landscaping in the area, gave up so abruptly on Brushstroke. (Note the dead trees and the massive weed.) And it’s a bummer to see the old Bouley space almost entirely stripped of its greenery—which makes one wonder whether the space is still being used for events.


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  1. The former City Hall Restaurant space is just as bad.