Seen & Heard: Pompeii Martini

••• The W. Broadway window at 60 Hudson now features artworks by Dianne Talan: “They are called ‘Cross Section,'” she says, “and were done looking out my 4th floor window keeping my eye level at the same point from W. Broadway and Hudson all the way to West Street. Strung straight across in one row they measure 21′ by 18’.”

••• Pleased to see that Mulberry & Vine is branching out yet again, this time with a restaurant in Dumbo.

••• “You might want to check out the Pompei Martini made by Danny, bartender at the new Serafina,” suggested T., who also sent video.

••• Angel Kaba’s Dance in Tribeca is now at 100 Reade: It’s “a new studio in New York who brings dance and diversity for kids and the entire family. The program is offering open level dance classes which make our customers feel good and comfortable about themselves. Our professional dance faculty will help you reach your goal and have fun!” Here’s a video.

••• If you’re wondering what the big yellow “S.” on the second floor of 102 Franklin stands for, it’s Streetsense, an “experience-focused strategy + design collective.”

••• Opening September 27 at Hal Bromm: “Rosemarie Castoro on Paper features drawings, collages and paintings on paper spanning over 50 years of this important artist’s career.”