The Sketchbooks of John Donohue

Bubby's by John DonohueJohn Donohue has only just begun his quest to draw All the Restaurants in New York, but as you can see here, it’s already producing charming results. These are the ones in our area—we can expect more soon—and prints of these and the others are available for purchase. When I asked what draws Donohue, so to speak, to a part particular restaurant, he cited three reasons: “1) I like it (rare, as I’ll explain below); 2) it’s been requested (my favorite type!); 3) because of its reputation (iconic, esteemed, beloved) or locale (I can get to it!).” And has he eaten at all of the establishments he has drawn? “Ironically, it’s quite the opposite. I rarely, for reasons related to cost and time, eat out at any restaurant. But, if this goes well, that could change!”

I have three suggestions: Tiny’s, because that pink is an opportunity, and Le Coucou and Pepolino, which have a lot of detail to work with.

Scalini Fedeli by John DonohueAugustine by John Donohue Tribeca Grill by John DonohueNobu by John DonohueThe Odeon by John DonohueLocanda Verde by John DonohueYou might also enjoy:
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  1. I LOVE these!