Seen & Heard: New Restaurant at Pakistan Tea House Space

••• I saw work being done at the former Pakistan Tea House space (176 Church) and the “for rent” sign is gone, so I asked around. The word on the street is that a Bangladeshi restaurant is opening there, but I haven’t been able to confirm it directly. You may recall that Bangal Curry used to be a few blocks south at 111 Church, the building that recently caught fire.

••• The former Capital Audio & Electronics on Duane is now an office of Wynd: “We’re a team based in the Lower East Side in New York City. Our goal is to make shipping easier and bring it into the 21st century. No one likes waiting in line at the post office, or having to find a box that fits your items, or figuring out how many layers of bubble wrap you need to ship a ceramic mug safely. That’s why we created the wynd iPhone app, and that’s why we’re helping stores all across NYC ship all of their online orders with the click of a mouse.” (I’m guessing it’s pronounced as in “ride like the” and not what you do to a watch.)

••• Following up on my promise, I went to try the sorrel drink at the Jamaican food truck outside Citigroup—but the woman working there said that she hasn’t had it for a while—but because she had written it on the specials board in permanent marker, she can’t remove it. We has a nice laugh about the situation.

••• The future home of Au Cheval restaurant, at the southeast corner of Walker and Cortlandt Alley, has gone under the plywood.

••• The TV show “Bull” is back today, shooting in the upper Church Street area. They shoot here quite a bit. Does one of the characters live in the neighborhood?

••• Press release: “Manhattan Youth Downtown Community Center is hosting a benefit concert for the areas recently hurt by natural disasters, Puerto Rico and Mexico. The concert will take place in our Great Hall on October 25 at 4 p.m., and will feature performances by Songs for Seeds, Bilingual Birdies, and Nate Andersen and Friends. Tickets can be purchased at Monetary donations can also be made on the tickets link. We are also accepting donations throughout the month of October of much needed items to be donated directly to Puerto Rico and Mexico: diapers, batteries, wipes, feminine hygiene products, baby food and formula, first aid supplies.”