Seen & Heard: Phone-Payment Test at Subway Turnstiles

••• “Looks like there are some new turnstiles at the Wall Street 2/3 that are made to read phone screens for entry,” tweeted @Sierra, so I went down to check. (That station has a lot of entrances, I learned the hard way.) You can’t use them yet…. I do like that the readers are on an angle, rather than the flat ones at airports. (R. points out there’s more info about them in this Daily News article.)

••• From CB1: “Community Board 1 will be hosting a resiliency meeting with the Mayor’s Office of Recovery & Resiliency. There will be a panel of representatives from the Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency, the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, NYC Emergency Management, New York City Transit and Con Edison. Anthony Notaro, CB1 Chairperson, will moderate the panel to discuss the resiliency upgrades that have been implemented since Superstorm Sandy hit 5 years ago. Local residents and community stakeholders are invited and encouraged to attend this meeting and participate in the discussion.” October 30, 6 p.m., at the Southbridge Towers Community Room (90 Beekman).

••• Possible Productions is also shooting in the Warren/Church area on Saturday.

••• I’ve been disappointed to see Eataly give over so much space to non-food items and restaurant seating.

••• From Grand Banks: “With sunny skies and highs in the mid-70’s for the foreseeable future, we’ve decided to extend our season through Sunday, October 29. We would love to see you aboard again before we set sail for winter. If you have not visited us at Pilot (Brooklyn) and Island Oyster (Governors Island), this weekend is your last chance to do so this season. It’s looking like a mini-summer, and we’re going to soak it up while it lasts.”

••• That’s my good deed for the year.

••• Because we all know placards are faked left and right, Dennis J. Laverty presumably included his business card to prove that is really allowed to break the law, parking in a “no stopping anytime” zone (and well past the limit line and into the crosswalk area, to boot). If you don’t feel like enlarging the photo, his card says he’s a senior investigator in the Investigations Division of the Executive Protection Unit of the office of New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman.



  1. If you look, you’ll notice that almost no surfaces anywhere in the Subway are flat. The trash cans are rounded, the mechanical boxes built into the columns are angled on top, etc. This is done intentionally so people can’t set stuff (i.e. trash) on them and leave it there.

  2. On October 6th around Noon, I counted 8 cars parked on the North side of Reade with police placards.

  3. …and who would you like to park on Reade Street?
    What are all the complaints about fire fighters and police officers parking their cars? You want more room for some Land Rovers?
    Delivery trucks bring us our stuff – garbage trucks pick up our garbage and fire fighters and police officers help us in emergencies. Enough with the complaining.

    • I know of several business owners on Reade frustrated with the lack of parking for deliveries. Parts of the street are designated for truck loading and unloading only, but with placard users taking them, the trucks have park somewhere they’re not allowed or double-park—and then they get ticketed.