Seen & Heard: Tribeca Loft Squatter

••• On Instagram, A. came across a guy who seems to be squatting in “abandoned” Tribeca lofts. UPDATE: A reader says the (current) building in question is most definitely 465 Washington, and that there have also been teenage parties there.

••• The Pure Green juice/smoothie bar at 95 Chambers has closed. The sign says it was a pop-up, but I never got that impression. Anyway, it seemed cursed: First, co-tenant Bar Works imploded in what certainly looked like a Ponzi scheme, and then the other co-tenant, Bulletproof Coffee, bailed.

••• Poke Green at 275 Greenwich opens today, and according to its Instagram account, the poke is free today. Odd use of quotation marks….

••• “Law & Order: SVU” is filing somewhere besides Chambers this week. It’ll be in the Franklin/Varick area on Friday.

••• Archie spotted that Il Mattone is opening a branch in the West Village (Hudson between Morton and Barrow).



  1. Looks like Edible Arrangements on Duane closed this week too.

  2. Want to ask how to better try and approach the issue of of the delivery guys on electric power cycles rushing on the sidewalks with zero regards for the pedestrians on them.

    Yesterday saw what was a very close call between a kid on scooter riding out of a corner and one of those delivery guys at very high speed on the sidewalk almost hitting/killing the kid.

  3. Re: Cyclist on sidewalks

    I’m big enough that when I see cyclists on sidewalks I intentionally get in their way. That usually sends them into the streets. (I would not recommend this method to others)

    Traffic enforcement is non-existent. In the last few years, flouting of laws has become the norm: red-light running by cars and cyclists, blocking the “box” (intersection) by vehicles, gratuitous horn-blowing for non-emergency purposes, noise violations (motorcycles intentionally loud; “boom” cars), etc.

    Not to mention the counterfeit street sellers around Canal & Broadway. I submitted a 311 report about that on a particularly problematic weekend, and the online status response was that this is not a police matter.

  4. Two sides of the e-bike story:

  5. Two sides of the e-bike story:

    One Side: follow the traffic laws and stay off ALL sidewalks ALWAYS.

    There is no other side.

    Watching dull-eyed, cigarette smoking delivery persons scattering pedestrians down a limited access scaffolded sidewalk is the problem.

    Having asked a First Precinct patrol car who had just witnessed a rider drive pedestrians from the sidewalk in front of them what can be done, the patrolman’s first question, who are you and then what is it to you? I dropped the issue quickly and said nothing further as I quietly walked away. It’s not worth requesting basic law enforcement from surly and well-armed “peace” officers.

    We are resigned to accepting that the cops don’t care and when confronted the offending riders will spew out a string of f-words while they weave and dodge dogs, children, and people on the sidewalks of lower Manhattan, scattering everyone in their way.

    As for City Councilperson Chin, her staff is completely uninterested in the affairs of lower Manhattan. She is a one issue candidate, and this is just one of many quality-of-life issues that she or her staff won’t care to address, it is obviously of zero importance.

    • What is Councilperson Chin’s “one issue”? That’s one more than I would credit to her. Frankly, her next issue may actually be her first issue.

  6. Bring back Taco Bell fer crissake.

  7. I have scrolled back several times here and see nothing re bikes on sidewalks (am I missing something you wrote here Erik?)
    But now that it’s been brought up, I will add this-
    In the 8 years since Dr Mary Xanthos and I opened Reade Street Animal Hospital, I have watched these idiots brazenly ignoring every traffic law, because it seems that they are not subject in any way to ANY laws. I have stood in their way on the sidewalk as they come hurtling towards me, many times barely missing me or others. They seem shocked that I would have the “nerve” to challenge them. They seem ENTITLED to do this- they act like I’m “in their way”. When I yell “please get OFF the sidewalk- it’s dangerous to people and their pets” they curse me out and threaten me. They go the wrong way on Reade Street too. They run red lights. They do it right in front of the police (who commonly visit Morgan’s Market and surely witness this) who seem to just not care at all. I’ve called community affairs at 1st Precinct. What’s their response? “There’s nothing we can do”.
    What? There’s nothing they can do?
    If THEY can’t do anything who CAN?

    • Good to know that I’m not the only one who notices that we’re being run off the sidewalks by these reckless bikers on a daily basis and that there is no one who cares enough to enforce the laws or for that matter to practice basic decency in public spaces.

      Those who defend them blame this behavior on a simple race for financial rewards, the plight of the working class, and the market for deliverable services; yet no one but the people on the bikes can take the blame for their actions. They are not told to do this by anyone and they are not required to do it for payments to be made, they choose to do this by their own free will and know that it is anti-social passive-aggressive behavior. Acting out to express their hatred for the people who employ them and place they live.

    • That’s got to be a joke, right? Since the majority of delivery guys (and presumably a few gals) use electric or motorized bikes, and since they are prevalent on streets, on the Hudson River bike path, and chained up in front of restaurants, they are clearly visible by the tens of thousands, so there is no way the police would be totally ignoring the enforcement of that law if it was real…

  8. TBH- Those kids on their scooters are also a menace.

  9. Re: Delivery bikes totally agree they should stay off the sidewalk. BUT has anyone ever considered finding out who they are delivering FOR? Perhaps contacting their employers and letting them know they act in dangerous ways would send a message. IF the employer cares about their business and their community, these guys might soon be out of a job if they get enough complaints. Would they risk their paycheck to ride on the sidewalk?

    Also, I’m not a parent but see plenty of TriBeCa kids scooting without helmets. Since this issue remains a problem, perhaps consider one for your child for the time being?