Seen & Heard: Still No Activity at Trader Joe’s

••• Next time you’re at Canal and Mercer, take a moment to admire United American Land’s ongoing restoration of 53 Howard. (Around the corner, on Howard, is where Roman and Williams’s store will be.)

••• Still no sign of activity at Trader Joe’s store at Sixth Avenue and Spring Street.

••• Speaking of Trader Joe’s, someone recommended the nuts there after I lamented that SP’s Nuts and Candy is closed and the ones at Whole Foods are awful. (Worse than that! I had to throw them away, and I don’t throw away food lightly.) But I walked into Trader Joe’s and right back out; it’s just too much for me, and those lines…. Anyway, I finally bucked up and went to Sahadi’s in Brooklyn. I hadn’t been there in decades, and it was just as wonderful as I remembered. (The semi-retired owner was there, chatting with folks waiting to pay.) And I’m happy to report that the nuts are terrific.

••• The TV show “The Black List” is shooting on upper Church Street today.

••• Tribeca artist Todd Stone is giving “an artist’s talk at the 9/11 Museum Thursday at 3 p.m. with the chief curator Jan Ramirez about my Witness paintings that are on view there as part of the exhibit Rendering the Unthinkable—New York Artists Respond to 9/11.” His work is also currently on exhibit at the Conrad Hotel.

••• Part of Collister was closed down yesterday, once again, for a private Halloween party. Maybe I’m just in a sentimental mood, but isn’t the holiday based on the concept of community, that everyone can trick-or-treat everywhere? Also, I don’t recall a Community Board 1 hearing about the street closure, but maybe I missed it. (Thanks to the reader who sent in the photo.)



  1. My costume-clad 9YO and I were rudely shut out of a walk through Collister, a traffic-free shortcut we frequently take to get to Laight. Of note, there is a building on the east side of Collister that kindly participates in trick o’treating every year but I have no idea if they did yesterday because the street was shut down to pedestrians. After a chaotic afternoon like yesterday, you would think that all residents of our community would be more considerate of and kinder to all of its members.

    • Agree!!! Similar situation with my 6 and 8 yo sons. They were also dressed up and turned away by bouncers for not having the email invite or being on the list. I’d like to know if shutting down that block involved a permit, because none was readily visible…

  2. Bouncers? A closed public alley? Denying young trick or treaters because they didn’t have an invite? That is just too unfriendly and illegal. Jerks.