In the News: More on WeWork’s School Plans

••• There’s a new rendering of 108 Leonard (a.k.a. 346 Broadway). All that light sure is wishful thinking. Maybe it’s from a film shoot?

••• Forty-nine art galleries have banded together to support the candidacy of Christoper Marte in our city council contest. (Today is Election Day.) —Artnet

••• Argentine president Mauricio Macri visited the scene of last week’s terror attack. —Tribeca Trib

••• More on the falling glass—and more?—from 111 Murray in the Tribeca Trib: “Barbara Ann Voetsch, 56, […] was driving the car that was struck while waiting for the light at West and Murray streets. ‘I saw this man’s face. He was looking up and he had a horrified expression,’ Voetsch, a Lincroft, NJ, resident, told the Trib in a phone interview. ‘Then in a split second big pieces of what I thought was metal—it didn’t appear to be glass—hit the hood of my car and my windshield and the roof of the car. And a giant piece went right down next to my shoulder but didn’t hit the car. It was inches from the driver’s seat.'”

••• Bloomberg and Fast Company have more on WeWork’s education initiative, WeGrow, including a school on Beach Street that it’s opening with Chabad of Tribeca/Soho. Brace yourself for this excerpt: A pilot program of seven students, including one of the five young children of WeWork Cos. founders Adam and Rebekah Neumann, is under way. ‘In my book, there’s no reason why children in elementary schools can’t be launching their own businesses,’ Rebekah Neumann said in an interview. She thinks kids should develop their passions and act on them early, instead of waiting to grow up to be ‘disruptive,’ as the entrepreneurial set puts it.” Four more renderings of the space.