Seen & Heard: Sprinkles Land Ice Cream Shop

••• Perhaps this isn’t the newsiest of news, but I was delighted to see countdown clocks for the A/C/E subway line at Chambers. Waiting for the train to JFK is the only time I’ve really needed confirmation that a train is arriving.

••• From a resident of 200 Chambers: “There are things (besides glass, which was also found in our courtyard) falling out from the 111 Murray construction cite. About two hours ago I found this laminated paper reading ’47th floor.’ I guess the building is just falling apart under a wind.”

••• The ice cream store coming to 38 Park Row will be called Sprinkles Land. You should’ve seen the way a neighbor’s kid’s face lit up after I mentioned it.

••• While I was walking to Bâtard on Friday night—we took my parents there for a special dinner—I watched as a car made the illegal right turn from White, against traffic on W. Broadway, and then left onto N. Moore. He didn’t want to get caught, so he did it extra-quickly—which doesn’t exactly make the whole maneuver safer.

••• Because my parents are in town, we’ve also hit up a few museums. I recommend the “Incomplete History of Protest” show at the Whitney; the art was much more powerful than your average contemporary art, on display elsewhere at the museum, because it wasn’t just artists talking to each other—lives were at stake. It made me long for a museum-wide show devoted to actual agitprop, along the lines of the works by Act Up and Guerrilla Girls. Below: “Untitled (Think/Flag)” by William Copley. And the Thaw Collection of drawings on view at the Morgan Library is nothing short of spectacular. Props to the curators for particularly helpful captions, which seemed to anticipate every question I had.



  1. I found construction plans from 111 Murray that had landed on building roof (with an alarmed door) as far east as Church Street.

  2. It’s too bad that you couldn’t tell if the car making the illegal right turn had a dashboard parking permit from the 1st Precinct. ;-)

  3. think we need a ReThink flag urgently

  4. I went to the new ice cream shop (sprinkles land) you mentioned just opened up on park row right next to my school. Saw their food pics on instagram and wanted to give it a try. They have really special soft serve ice cream served in wine glasses! they sell dim sum and bubble tea too.