Seen & Heard: Dangerous Blind Intersection

••• I don’t see how a crossing guard makes the intersection at Washington and Desbrosses much safer, especially if he/she isn’t there 24 hours a day. If the stalled site at 456 Greenwich would relinquish its hold on the sidewalk, pedestrians would be able to cross without walking into a blind intersection. (“Vision zero,” indeed.)

•••An update about Wicked Juice & Kitchen you may have missed: “It was a major glitch in my POS system, and the issue has been fixed permanently,” says Wicked’s Brian Schoenberger. “Also all persons were refunded or are being refunded. If you could please let everyone know—and somehow tell anyone who had the issue I would like to invite them back for a smoothie or juice on me.”

••• “Ward III has soft-reopened but hasn’t promoted it,” reports a reader. “Working out the kinks of the redone place. Had two delicious cocktails there last night.”

••• You can get a clearer look now at the most interesting part of 111 Murray–the flared crease on the northeast corner. I included a rendering, too. It’s of the other side, but it helps.

••• Construction appears to be winding down on the block of Worth between Hudson and W. Broadway.

••• The curtain wall on the north side of Citigroup is well underway. Shiny!


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  1. That intersection has always been a problem – for drivers too – even before the construction. I think at the very least, they need to put a 4- way stop sign I remember calling councilwoman Chin’s office about it a few years ago. A traffic light would even be better.