Seen & Heard: Tent & Trails Is Ready to Cash Out

••• 21 Park Place is for sale, and if someone buys it (“submit best offer”), Tent & Trails will be closing. From the listing: “Built in 1915, it is fully occupied by an outdoor equipment and adventure store in business since 1956 and at its present location since 1972. This represents the building’s first sale in over 45 years and will be delivered vacant.” (Don’t cry too hard for the store: Tent & Trails also owns the building.)

••• From Allison at Tribeca Health & Fitness on Chambers: “We are teaming up with Soles for Souls to gather 200 pairs of used sneakers for folks in need. If you need an excuse to clean out your closet, we would be so grateful for any casual shoe donations.”

••• “Duane Street saw its 10th 11th or 12th movie or TV shoot the other night,” says J. “I was too exhausted from work to check it out so I sent my husband down to ask when the noisy sound trailers would be gone and the guy said 10 p.m. But it was his final words that really underscored how much abuse our street has taken from the NYC film bureau. He said: ‘You guys should be used to this by now.’ Enough is enough! We demand a six-month ban on all shooting on Duane Street.” Perhaps councilmember Margaret Chin will take up the cause.

••• Soho Photo’s December shows open December 6; the photo below is from Thom O’Connor’s “Something About the Light” (in Southern California).

••• After Barcelona, I went to Amsterdam for a couple of days, and in both cities (but that’s Amsterdam below), buildings covered with scrims for facade renovations had the scrims printed so that passersby could see what the building normally looks like. Why can’t that happen here? Think of how much nicer 108 Leonard (a.k.a. 346 Broadway) would look, or the Woolworth Building when its top was covered.



  1. Not that I would do this, or even recommend it, but: Back when I worked on noisy, outdoor night shoots with a decent budget, sometimes annoyed locals would blast music out their windows. The only way to get them to turn it down? $$

    • We have shoots on our street all the time also. I don’t mind them if the workers are polite.

      As for blasting music: That seems like it would just annoy other locals even more!
      I’d rather have the shoot noise than the shoot noise + neighbor’s music. We get enough (awful) blasted music from the “boom cars” every few minutes…and they all seem to play the same music.

      • Duane Street is very narrow. The ventilation on top of the trailers sit right underneath our second floor windows. Try coming home from 10 hrs of work and listening to
        that fan growling for a few hours more. I used to be we got Law and Order shoots every 6 months. Now it’s every few days.
        Duane is now also a bus route.

  2. go to tent and trails and stock up on authentic outdoors gear while you can. authentic hard to find goods and a expert sales help. this is the kind non-trendy store that made this city worth shopping in. it’s sad but i can’t say i blame them for cashing in. i admire their backbone for lasting for this long.