Wicked Juice and Kitchen Has Closed

Wicked Juice and Kitchen, which opened in February of 2016 at 88 W. Broadway, has closed. A sign on the door yesterday cited “medical reasons,” but it has since been removed. The word on the street is that something far less healthy is taking over the space: Dunkin Donuts. (Never mind that there are already two nearby—Church and Chambers, and Church and Murray.)



  1. How many doughnuts an hour do you need to sell to run a profitable donut shop on West Broadway?

  2. that’s terrible news. the last thing we need is another chain proffering crap.

  3. Horrible! Wicked Juice was wickedly over-priced, but I will take a local proprietor juicing prices to try to make a healthy business work over a soulless corporate vehicle pushing artery clogging crap any day of the week! Please G-D, if we have to suffer another DD in the neighborhood, let there at least be tasteful signage…

  4. There was a marshals legal possession notice on the door this evening and the shop was stripped…

    I’m a 23 year old nanny who went in here just to grab something quick to eat on my way to work. I’m lucky I randomly checked my transactions because I noticed $220 missing from my account from WICKED. I’m not well off like the rest of the people in TriBeCa so I’m pissed (to say the least) about this. I called Brian and he apologized several times and said he would do something about it that day or the next morning but nothing ever happened. He blamed it on their square reader POS system… Now looking at the reviews I can see I’m not the only one and that I probably won’t be getting my money back either. I can’t afford this! I’m looking into a lawsuit to get my money back at the very least. I’m not sure why this isn’t already happening or why it hasn’t stopped from the first time.

    • Call your bank or credit card and dispute the charge. The bank or CC will refund your money and deal with the legal stuff. I did this because wicked did the same to me, and the problem was taken care of by my bank.

  6. I’m not sure which is worse – the over-priced “cold-pressed” juice joints with $10 glasses of squeezed kale…or the Dunkin Donuts with garish signage and lines of sleepy office workers waiting for their coffee in the morning. Maybe it’s an even trade.

  7. They were so incredibly rude and never wanted to deal with Walk ins. Always seemed way to busy with whatever in the back.

  8. Ugh… Another one?!? ONE Dunkin in the neighborhood is more than enough. I’m all for coffee but, between Birch, Blue Bottle, the two Kaffes, Laughing Man, Macaroon Cafe, Jacks, etc. I think we’re good… Also, If it’s going to be donuts make it a gourmet donuts shop or something… I’d even tolerate a Krispy Kreme. At least we’d be mixing it up a bit. Or better yet, other than Van Leeuwen opening at the Sea Port. We don’t have any good ice cream shops in the area.

  9. Do we have a pic of the Marshall sign and/or the real reason for the closing of the juice shop? I have heard the involvement of nefarious activity.

    • I edited your comment because I would prefer that people not allege criminal activity without some proof. The “marshal’s legal possession” sign won’t have any info on it.

    • City marshals are not government employees. They are available for hire to enforce Civil Court orders, like eviction for nonpayment, collection of debts, etc. They are not peace officers and have nothing to do with criminal law enforcement.

  10. I visited this place for the first time in November and was surprised to see an overcharge of $100 on my credit card statement. I contacted the store and was given a number to call the owner Brian. Blame was put on the point of sale system for the discrepancy. He stated that he would refund the amount charged. It has been over a month! I contacted my credit card company to handle it. Yes, there is a displayed Marshal’s Legal Possession and the store has been completely wiped out. I have a picture of the notice but it could not be posted here.
    Index Number 73120/17 B Jaffe Real Estate Co., L.P. against Wicked Juice LLC. It is dated 12/4/17 and states “The Landlord has legal possession of these premises pursuant to Warrant of Civil Court.”