In the News: Battery Park City Awaits Cuomo’s Decision

••• “A proposed State law that would set aside two seats on the board of the Battery Park City Authority for residents of the community is now on the desk of Governor Andrew Cuomo, awaiting his signature or veto. […] If the Governor signs the bill, it becomes law effective immediately. If he vetoes the measure, it is defeated. But if he does neither, the outcome depends on the timing. If the legislature were in session, the bill would automatically become law ten days after it was conveyed to the Governor. Because the legislature is not currently in session, however, the rules change. In this case, the Governor has 30 days to sign or veto the measure. But if he takes no action, the bill does not become law as it would during a legislative session. Instead, through a maneuver called a ‘pocket veto,’ it will be considered dead.” If you live in Battery Park City, you really should let Cuomo know how important this is to you. His contact info is at the end of the Broadsheet‘s article.

••• “Six people were injured when two livery cabs collided in Lower Manhattan at lunchtime Thursday, officials said. A Ford Explorer and a Lincoln Town car were at the intersection of Broadway and Liberty Street a few blocks from City Hall around 1:20 p.m. when the sedan tried to go around the SUV and struck it. The impact caused the SUV to hit a bicyclist, cops said. The sedan then continued through the light and hit at least one pedestrian who was crossing and then kept driving down Liberty where it hit a red Mercedes sedan.” —New York Post

•••  The Seaport District’s Christmas tree is now near Pier 17. —Downtown Express

••• The New York Times visits Farm.One, the underground herb garden on Worth Street.