Seen & Heard: Jewelry Store Closing

••• Korner Jewelry at 165 Church (northeast corner of Chambers) is closing, according to the signs all over the storefront. That corner would seem to have a lot of potential.

••• There’s a new pop-up in the old Mr. Locks space on the Canal side of 205 Hudson: “Hoodies for the Homeless and Leijas present For The Greater Hood, a Pop-Up Store in Tribeca inspired by the need to recognize humanity in each and every individual experiencing homelessness. With music, live art, buzz cuts, swag bags, and more. attendees won’t just leave with hoodies (and other goodies), they will leave with a feeling of value and importance. Invites will be extended to residents currently living in NYC shelters, in coordination with CitiLeaf Housing, the Urban Resource Institute and the Coalition for the Homeless. […] Hoodies for the Homeless was created by Tavis Sage Eaton and the band PushMethod. They ask guests to bring a hoodie to their concerts, sometimes in lieu of a ticket purchase, leading to over 30,000 hoodies collected (so far). What’s more, soon they’ll be announcing the creation of a device that will have a major impact on improving the comfort of those who live in shelters and on our streets, truly turning music into action.”

••• While I complain a lot, I rarely contact 311—although I did today to alert the city to the Le Pain Quotidien cart on the Broadway side of City Hall Park. According to regulations James posted in April, mobile food vendors “cannot be located on sidewalks adjacent to and controlled by the Department of Parks (without a permit from Department of Parks).” I sincerely hope the Parks Department doesn’t start allowing this—surely people can make it a couple of blocks without ingesting something. (Moreover, two of the stalls at the  Greenmarket sell baked goods, too.) UPDATE: And I just heard back: “No action was taken because the Department of Parks and Recreation determined that the issue reported was out of its jurisdiction. Although most carts are permitted through Parks and Recreation, some larger franchise carts also go through the Department of Consumer Affairs.” So I’ve emailed the DCA….

••• “Bull” is also shooting in the Broadway/Franklin on Thursday. That makes four days this week.

••• And “Billions” is in the Hudson/N. Moore area today and tomorrow. That makes three multi-day shoots this week.

••• California Closets has closed for a serious-looking renovation.

••• And next door, the Varick side of 11 Beach—recently converted to condos—is shaping up nicely.