Seen & Heard: Progress at Frenchette

••• P. sent over a photo of an oil leak this morning at Broadway and Park Row. (“Oil leak from where?!” I asked. P.’s reply: “The guys said from underground.”)

••• Frenchette restaurant (where Cercle Rouge was) left its doors open.

••• Best look yet at the subway elevator outside 30 Park Place. If you need that many bollards, maybe a glass structure isn’t the wisest move….

••• Signs last week said that the TV show “Bull” is shooting this Tuesday; that’s been expanded. Meanwhile, the shoot is taking over a lot of real estate.

••• And the TV show “Succession” is shooting on the same three days, in basically the same upper Church Street area.

••• Work was happening in the former Birdbath Bakery space at Church and Thomas. A few months ago, there was reason to believe an AT&T store might be moving in, but I wouldn’t bet money either way.

••• Tonight is Pen Parentis’s annual Holiday Author Mingle: Three distinguished alumni of the salons—noted novelists René Steinke, Ellen Umansky, and John Reed—will present readings from their newest works followed by the characteristic highly-entertaining discussion about literature, life-work-balance, and other contemporary topics. Other past readers will be in attendance as mystery guests. As a special treat for the holidays, Pen Parentis Founder M. M. De Voe will be joined by celebrity guest-host Leigh Newman to moderate the conversation.” More info.