Seen & Heard: Spring Studios’s Encroachment on Streets and Sidewalks

••• Does the cherry picker parked on Franklin Street ever get used?

••• There has been a last-minute addition (below) to the agenda for tonight’s meeting of the Community Board 1 Licensing Committee. This is in addition to a similar request by Spring Studios from January 31 to February 16. It’s time to start saying no to Spring, or at least make it play by the rules it agreed to.

Street Activity Permit application, UMG Grammy Awards Party, January 19-29, 7 a.m. to Midnight, curb lane closure on Varick Street, Laight Street, Beach Street, and St. Johns Lane and a tent or canopy on Varick Street between Laight Street and Beach Street on January 27-29.

••• Fernandez Shoes Shine’s new sign is very nicely done (if you overlook the “66 W.”).

••• Canal Park Inn recently posted a notice that it had to close because of “abruptly altered regulation of B&Bs in New York City.” The Department of Buildings has subsequently issued a partial vacate order: “FDNY have filed a high priority referral reporting illegal transient use of the 2nd 3rd and attic levels where attic level lacks required secondary means of egress.”

••• Sure enough, the northern retail space at 459 Washington is a sales office for 570 Broome, one of the new condos at the Holland Tunnel. (I wonder if they considered the address One Holland Tunnel….) It’s by appointment only, so all of that foot traffic on Washington Street is just going to have to forget about popping in.

••• Is the Washington/Desbrosses intersection getting even more narrow?



  1. “Does the cherry picker parked on Franklin Street ever get used?”

    -> Does the DOT enforce its December Lower Manhattan ’embargo’ rules against leaving such items on the street?

    “Is the Washington/Desbrosses intersection getting even more narrow?”

    -> Did DOT actually issue violations against the idle project at 456 Greenwich St? Were they toothless?

  2. How is spring studios allowed to get away with all of this?
    the place has fully morphed into an event space / nightclub. looks like the community board and SLA got taken for a ride.

  3. The Washington/Desbrosses intersection is definitely more narrow than it was a few weeks ago. I have to approach the barricade and peak around the corner before attempting to cross.

    If it’s going to stay that way for much longer they should put a stop sign on Desbrosses.

  4. What about 100 Franklin taking over a third of Franklin Street , half of White Street, and all of Church. They have junk piles on Franklin and White streets. Late one night last week they installed fake looking no parking signs in the areas where their supervisors park. They are worse than the city workers. At least city workers never parked on the sidewalks in that area.