Seen & Heard: Changes at the Jazz Club on Murray

••• You know what this city needs? Gigantic video ads on buses. (Drivers aren’t supposed to check their phones while driving, but this is OK?) I didn’t feel like crossing the street, so I don’t know whether the other side has a similar screen or a bank of windows with passengers facing that direction, as on The Ride. This bus sure looks like it could be part of the Ride family, so I poked around the website, but I didn’t see anything. I was somewhat amused by this disclaimer, though: “Safety advisory: The Ride, The Tour and The Downtown Experience could aggravate certain health conditions. The experience involves motion, sideways seating on the bus, constant starting and stopping, loud music, sounds effects, theatrical and strobe lighting, multiple television screens, and virtual reality moments specifically on The Downtown Experience. There is also a simulation which involved floor shaking, sudden tilting and jarring actions, in addition to loud sounds and flashing lights. The Ride, The Tour and The Downtown Experience are not recommended for guests with motion sickness or dizziness, sensitivity to strobe or other lighting effects, back, neck, or similar physical conditions, heart conditions or high blood pressure, or sensitivity to loud sounds. You are responsible for the use of your best judgements when deciding to experience our products.” Indeed.

••• Wilbur’s Warehouse, as the jazz club at 75 Murray was called when it launched a couple of months ago, has made way for Club 75. The calendar has performances five to six times a week; tonight is the Annie Ross Christmas Show. (Below: Two Ross performances from 1959. If only TV were like that now.) Some performances list a $20-$25 cover and maybe a $10 minimum; others say “no cover.”

••• Varvatos—presumably John—is shooting an ad in the W. Broadway/White area tomorrow.

••• The remodeled Soho Square looks like it’ll be reopened any day now. I wouldn’t have minded more greenery, but it’s an improvement just the same.

••• The sooner you do the Best of New Tribeca in 2017 survey, the sooner I can stop henpecking you about it. (Andrea noticed that I forgot to include Roc in the slate of biggest restaurant bummers. Doh! To compile this survey, I go through every post for the year, and I don’t know how I could’ve missed that one. To doublecheck, I’d have to go through the site twice, and there isn’t enough wine in the world. On the plus side, “biggest bummer” is hardly the most prestigious category; on the minus side, Roc likely would’ve won. Sorry, Rocco and Stacy! And, no, changing a survey after it’s live isn’t possible.

••• Now that’s what I call the soft glow of electric sex.



  1. Regarding those video ads, they are so bright at night they are blinding. Can’t imagine that will ever cause an accident. Ha.

  2. Roc was a huge loss…but was Nobu finally gone this year? Fidi doesn’t count