Seen & Heard: Bouley Gets Another Price-Chop

••• The former Bouley flagship space at 163 Duane was first put on the market in June of 2016 for $15 million, and at some point cut to $11.25 million. Now it’s at $10 million.

••• The location is challenging, but I love the design of 565 Broome.

••• Even if the music ends up not being brutally loud, this is the last thing Fulton Center (or Broadway) needs.

••• The TV show “Succession” is back in the area (Reade/W. Broadway) on Thursday and Friday. Here’s an idea: If one show comes needs to shoot in a neighborhood for a certain number of times in a given period, perhaps there should be a direct local benefit for the neighborhood.

••• The artist known as Rubin is holding a studio sale this weekend.

••• I can’t generally handle violence in film, so I’ve been wary of Mother!—but the wide array of reactions has me fascinated. Here’s a deal: I’ll brave it at the Roxy Cinema’s screenings this Friday if Jennifer Lawrence will come hold my hand. (Figuratively speaking; I’m not really a hand-holder.)