Seen & Heard: New Subway Connection at the World Trade Center

••• From Ben Jen: “Looks like the E R/W within the fare zone [at the World Trade Center Transportation Hub] just opened up today.” Here’s a map from a MTA presentation back in June; the connection in question would see to be in the upper right corner.

••• Caden, which seems to be an event organizer, and Playroom (“a concept that incorporates a deep love and respect for ‘underground’ electronic music and the artists that produce and play it”) are throwing a New Year’s Eve party at 381 Broadway, the building with the Joey Pepperoni’s Pizza on the ground floor. The invitation mentions three levels and two stages.

••• “I have heard that the 71 Worth space will be a Wine bar, run by the Atera people,” says Allison. “I live in the building above, and this is just third-hand info without vetting.” I tried asking Atera, but I haven’t heard back. I vaguely recall that this was once the plan many years ago (and that it may have come to fruition elsewhere). UPDATE 12/30: “Despite the appearance, there is currently no construction happening at 71 Worth,” says Atera’s Jodi Richard. “There are builders using it as a staging area while they work on other parts of the building. While we do like the idea of a wine bar in the old RBC space, at the moment we are just looking into what might be possible.”

••• Seven new solo shows open at Soho Photo on January 5. Susan Bowen’s Street Abstractions sounds like something I’d enjoy: “This work is an exploration of the abstract shapes I find on the streets and sidewalks of New York City, mostly in the neighborhood where I live. Often created by leaks from garbage bags left at the curb, dropped liquids, residue of winter street salt, and the like, most people would see only ugliness… if they notice at all. I like to find beauty in these unexpected places.”

••• Any restaurant recommendations, high or low, for the Big Island of Hawaii would be appreciated. Email me at Thanks!