Seen & Heard: Instacart Complaint

••• My heart skipped a beat when I heard the windows of Salon M (at Greenwich and Canal) are papered over—the chair massages there are important to me—but evidently a sign in the window says it’s being remodeled.

••• I was chatting with a reader about Whole Foods and its recent restocking issues when she mentioned that she has been having trouble with Whole Foods and Instacart. When you check out with a delivery, the cashier asks your zip code, and if it’s 10013 (and maybe a few others), you’re automatically handed off to Instacart, which fulfills the delivery. The problem is that the Whole Foods cashier then moves on to the next shopper, there are very few people devoted to bagging, and you’re evidently not allowed to bag your own items for Instacart delivery. So you can wait and oversee the Instacart employee when he/she arrives, or leave and hope it works out. (When something when wrong for this reader, Instacart told her it couldn’t help her because she had done the shopping, rather that the company.) I don’t get my groceries delivered, and I’d never trust my grocery shopping to be outsourced, so this is all news to me. If nothing else, it’s one more way that perhaps Amazon isn’t as ready to enter the supermarket business as it thought it was.

••• Brian Camacho shot video of “the now Fare Free One Liberty Plaza World Trade Center Connector Walkthrough.”

••• Tribeca artist Olga Spiegel is currently featured in the W. Broadway window of 60 Hudson. Below: “Zero Gravity.”

••• A few folks sent over photos of the frozen Hudson River—they’re by Whitney, Delilah, D., and Peter, respectively.