Seen & Heard: Duane Park’s Groundhog Day Party

••• Friends of Duane Park’s annual Groundhog Day fundraising event is February 2: “All are welcome in Duane Park for the ice carving of our Insta-worthy little mascot, 6 p.m. onward. For adults, join us for our second annual Groundhog Day Progressive Cocktail Party and Fundraiser! Whether Punxsutawney Phil will tell us our gorgeous tulips will be coming out soon or this winter will stick around a bit longer, we’ll be seeing three lofts near Duane Park, each with tasty treats and liquid libations to match.  You will move from loft to loft, with surprises and prizes all befitting our Groundhog theme. Tickets: $100 per person, $550 for a crowd of six. For tickets, click here and use our ‘donate’ button to make your purchase. We will send a confirmation with details by email. Only 120 tickets available.” Below: Last year’s ice sculpture.

••• S. sent over photos of a truck attempting to turn left from Laight onto West Street—but instead crashing into Hudson River Park.

••• James spotted this flyer on W. Broadway; it says that 111 Reade can be yours for $16.5 million, and that Ward III‘s lease is up in April of 2020.

••• On December 12, I complained to the Department of Consumer Affairs about the Le Pain Quotidien coffee cart on the Broadway side of City Hall Park. (I don’t think carts belong at parks, but I also hate how it lights up extremely brightly.) I had tried the DCA because the Parks Department said it was the DCA’s jurisdiction, but the DCA denied it, and suggested I tried the Department of Health. Forget it.

••• Opening January 16 at the New York Academy of Art: “Figurative Diaspora presents works of ‘unofficial art’—subversive, non-state-sanctioned art created by five Soviet artists and five contemporary Chinese artists.”



  1. I have a random question — is anyone else having issues with their Verizon Fios service? Ours has been out since Friday afternoon. They say there is an outage in the neighborhood. They also said it would be fixed by this morning, but now they’re predicting service will be back by Sunday morning.

    • Our FiOS is up and running on Murray Street.

      On an embarrassing note, I thought my FiOS went down last month, but it turned out one of those chunks of equipment on my desk had simply become unplugged when my dog lay down on the cord and tugged it out of the socket just that little bit. Doesn’t sound like that’s the case for you, though…