New Chefs at Racines and North End Grill

Racines NY didn’t have to look far to find a new chef: According to the New York Times, Eric Korsh, most recently of North End Grill, takes the helm in March. Apparently, Korsh left North End Grill last month, because that’s when the restaurant’s website says Emily Brekke was promoted from executive sous chef to executive chef.

This could work out nicely for everyone: Frederic Duca of Racines gets to open his own restaurant in Paris; Racines should suit Korsh’s fondness for classic French cuisine, while its smaller scale allows for more creativity; and perhaps Brekke will bring a welcome touch of lightness to North End Grill’s menu.

Also in the NYT: “Pascaline Lepeltier, the highly esteemed sommelier, who made her name at Rouge Tomate, will run the wine program as a partner” at Racines. I asked Arnaud Tronche if that meant he was leaving, and he said no: “Pascaline is becoming my partner and we’ll work together!”



  1. Pascaline is well-known and respected as one of the best sommeliers in the city. This is big news for Racines, which already had a fantastic wine program. Great news!

  2. NEG wont last…emptier and emptier during non peak times…Korsh prob saw the writing on the wall.

  3. That’s an incredibly cynical take on the new leadership at NEG.
    Because a man leaves and a woman takes over the place is falling apart?!
    I see the change as fabulous, welcome news – to not only have a new culinary perspective coming to a great local spot but a female executive chef – a true rarity, even now. As a NEG regular, I have come to know Emily Brekke as dynamic and engaging – and a top notch talent. I think this is a sign of great things to come for NEG.

    • ur joking right…who said it had anything to do with the chef being replaced? its been emptier and emptier all year. I even refer to him realizing that for why he is leaving. Would have commented on any NEG post with the above no matter who replaced him

    • Really? You are finding offence where none exists. BPCrez never said not implied that the emptiness at NEG had anything to do with a woman taking charge. He was just stating a fact – one which has been apparent with the current leadership, not the new one.

  4. Ate at Racine’s last night. The food was delicious (so much so that my companion and I “forgot” to offer each other a taste) and a wonderful wine was chosen for us. People should go before the current chef leaves!