Third Time’s a Charm for the Brooklyn Robot Foundry

When the Church Street School for Music and Art decided to leave 74 Warren (for 41 White), its subtenant, the Brooklyn Robot Foundry, needed to relocate, too. Happily, the Foundry found a new home at 200 Church, in the space that was recently New York Nautical. This marks the company’s third Tribeca third space—the first was on Canal, near Washington—and founder Jenny Young couldn’t be happier: “It’s bigger! It’s brighter! It has very tall ceilings! And a full basement for lots of storage,” she wrote on the website. “The new location gets us into our very own 10-year commercial lease so we’ll be there for the at least the next decade. And thankfully for my own sanity that means that now all of our locations have solid, 10-year leases! (No more subletting for us!)” They’re moving on the afternoon of February 3, reopening on February 4, with no gaps in programming.

courtesy Brooklyn Robot Foundry