Seen & Heard: Cadillac Causes Consternation

••• I hear Frenchette could open as soon as in a few weeks. That door handle is a thing of beauty.

••• From J.: “Were you aware that Cadillac was planning a commercial shoot on Greenwich between Desbrosses and Hubert mid-day on Saturday?” Sort of. That must’ve been what the Independent Media flyers were for. “A number of streets at least between Hudson and Greenwich were also closed off. This did not seem to be well-publicized as most other TV/Movie shoots are generally posted. This is terribly inconvenient for anyone who lives in Northwest Tribeca. While there are often productions shooting around Tribeca, this one seems to be particularly disrespectful and insensitive to residents of Tribeca. I might also add that from a cursory review of cars parked on the street through at Tribeca, there are very few Cadillacs parked—and that shooting a commercial in Tribeca seems to be somewhat misleading to the consumer.” As you can see from the promotional shots below, Cadillac does a lot of promotional photography here—and it’d hardly be the first brand to portray itself aspirationally. (Boca just isn’t as photogenic.) Anyway, the closing of streets definitely should’ve been announced ahead of time. Complaining here feels good, but you’re better off calling 311 and emailing the complaint number (and an explanation) to Community Board 1 at

••• The reader known as Hudson River says Café Gourmand, the new counter inside Le District, has opened: “Mostly chocolates and other candy, plus the Kusmi tea that was in the grocery area, and some seating.”

••• While re-confirming that Luke’s Lobster is not opening on the 30 Park place plaza, the rep mentioned that it’s opening at Canal Street Market later this week.

••• Eataly now has a self-checkout station. If you’re coming up the stairs, it’s to the left. And there’s a big sale on certain dried pastas (many $1 per package), including some from the Afeltra brand.


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  1. Can’t wait for Frenchette to open it’s doors!