Seen & Heard: Frenchette Signage

••• The “no standing” signs that appeared on Franklin Place last summer—by the Department of Transportation, at the behest of 5 Franklin Place, to the chagrin of the other property owners on the street—have been removed. And 5 Franklin Place has installed a pair of hideous streetlights.

••• The New York Vintners project on Barclay is still raw, at least at street level; downstairs could be another story.

••• “Billions” in the W. Broadway/Thomas area on Wednesday. And “Law & Order: SVU” on Thursday at Broadway and Chambers. Enough!

••• Frenchette revealed its logo.

••• The commissary kitchen called Rainbow Umbrella—making food for a variety of delivery-only brands—has left 56 Reade. Can’t some great little restaurant open there?

••• An Italian sneaker company called Pantofola d’Oro opened on W. Broadway, above Canal, in the Xoco building.