In the News: Tent Hotel on Governors Island

••• “The Trust for Governors Island […] announced today that it’s partnering with glamping company Collective Retreats to bring an ‘environmentally-friendly overnight lodging retreat’ to the island. […] Known as Collective Governors Island, the campground will have individual sleeping areas for up to 100 people; rates will begin at $125/night on weekends, and $75/night during the week.” When I checked a random Thursday night in June, the rates were $175 to $800 per night (the latter sleeps four). “It’ll join Adventures on Governors Island, which debuted last year and brought ziplining, a rock climbing wall, and other activities to the island. This year, the zipline will be longer, and there’ll also be a mini-golf course.” —Curbed

••• Virginia Meyer of Fourteenjay wrote a piece for American Salon about opening a salon in New York City.

••• Tetsu is now serving lunch. —Eater

••• “With Eddie Travers and Dervila Bowler, the owners of historic Fraunces Tavern in the financial district, and Jason Francisco, another partner, [the Porterhouse Brew Co.] brewery based in Dublin, Ireland, has opened its first stand-alone Irish pub in the United States” at 66 Pearl Street. “The company has six places in England and Ireland. The New York branch will not include a brewery. It’s a spacious affair, with 190 seats. The restaurant is starting with a preliminary menu of Irish bar foods, like oysters, and a short rib and stout pie, and will introduce a more complete menu this month.” —New York Times

••• More thefts in the Tribeca Trib police blotter.

••• “The administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio has posted an online, interactive map that tracks progress toward its ambitious goal of creating 300,000 units of affordable housing by the year 2026. For Lower Manhattan residents (or people who wish to live here), the map illustrates a stark reality. Since Mr. de Blasio’s administration took office in 2014, Lower Manhattan has seen the creation (or preservation) of only 143 affordable apartments at just three sites.” —Broadsheet

••• “118 Fulton Street, due to bring 483 new apartments to the Financial District, has launched the affordable housing lottery for 97 of those units.” —Curbed

••• An article in the Verge about “the desperate fight to keep old TVs alive” includes CTL Electronics on Murray: “Chi-Tien Lui is stockpiling objects many people wouldn’t think twice about trashing: cathode ray tube televisions. The first floor […] is lined with a rich mix of vintage TVs, from tiny boxes to big, looming screens. In his bedroom upstairs, Lui has a 1930s mechanical television, an early image transmission system that passed light through a spinning metal disc.”


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