Seen & Heard: SLT Opens in Two Weeks

••• Greg Laswell is playing City Winery on June 20. I love, love, love his cover of Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work.”

••• “Any idea what happened to the newspaper guy from the Franklin Street subway station?” asks A. “We haven’t seen him in weeks.”

••• SLT’s Tribeca studio opens March 1, and classes can be booked starting at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, February 20.

••• A month and a half after the official groundbreaking for the hotel at 456 Greenwich, there’s still nothing going on.

••• Having addressed the problem of where to order Chinese food in Tribeca, let’s now move on to Thai, as per Michael’s request. Any suggestions? (Please include which delivery service, if any, you use for the restaurant. And your suggestion will carry more weight if you recommend some dishes.)

••• Opening February 16 at hpgrp Gallery: “Wish You Were Here, the latest works by New York based photographer Keisuke Tsujimoto.”



  1. Still miss the Thai place that used to be on Lispenard, but have ordered from Soho Thai (via seamless) ever since. They do a decently aggressive Tom Yum, and their Cashew Stirfry and Basil stirfy aren’t bad.

  2. Wok Wok & Lan Larb on Seamless, Uncle Boon’s Sister on Caviar

  3. I have yet to find good Thai in the area.
    I miss Pukk, old vegetarian Thai spot in the East Village.
    We went to SoHo Thai once, and the food was simply awful; worst Thai we had ever tasted. The pad thai tasted like noodles with ketchup. Curries were not much better.

    Are there any good options in the neighborhood? Or at least within delivery range? We would certainly like to know.

  4. 22 Thai on seamless is always consistent and delivery is very fast. We only the order the same few things (Pad Thai, Green Curry and Massaman Curry) so can’t speak to the whole menu but the 3 things we get are authentic and very tasty.

    They used to have a better user interface on seamless that allowed you to endlessly customize the add-on ingredients but that has been scaled back recently.

  5. Thai Jasmine Restaurant on Seamless. Favorites are Pad See Ew, Spring Rolls, Gang Dang Curry, Gai Yang and Pra Raam Curry. Delivery was pretty quick and everything was correct and hot. My daughter is a fan of Thailicious on Seamless and she usuallty orders Pad See Ew and Spring Rolls. Their delivery is consistently quick.

  6. Thalicious is great – and I had been ordering through seamless but just ordered through the “Thailicious” website for one-time ten percent off.

  7. Uncle Boon’s Sister on Caviar is really good, but not cheap.

  8. Thai Sliders hands down. If you call and live close by they may be able to deliver. I wish they’d join seamless Postmates etc. or at least hire a full time delivery guy.

    The Penang curry and pad Thai are incredible.

  9. Franklin newspaper man also works (or worked) delivery for sarabeths. Perhaps ask there. Lovely guy.

  10. This post reminds me of Thai House Cafe which used to be at the corner of Hudson and Hubert. It was a really good neighborhood restaurant that close several years ago. We seem to have lost so many of these reasonably priced, reliable places that were so great for those of us actually living in the neighborhood.