In the News: Burger Chain Opening on Hudson

••• “Insanely popular crafted-burger mecca Whitmans is adding a fifth location this fall: 261 Hudson,” the new building between Canal and Spring. Am I the only one who hadn’t heard of this insanely popular mecca? The other locations are in the East Village, Hudson Yards, and a Times Square food court, so either the Post miscounted or a fifth is in the works somewhere else. UPDATE: I hear from a rep that there’s also one at a mall in White Plains. —New York Post

••• Not only did Community Board 1 once again reject Laughing Man‘s bid to expand its Street Seats, some members “even suggested that the entire structure be removed.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “The Holland Tunnel is set to undergo a massive $364 million overhaul that will see systems damaged during Hurricane Sandy repaired and replaced, the Port Authority announced. The rehabilitation and resiliency project, which was approved by the Port Authority Board of Directors Wednesday, is expected to begin next year and take approximately five years to complete. […] The Port Authority plans to institute full single-tube closings during overnight hours for four years while the work is completed. It is anticipated that one of the tunnel’s two tubes will be closed at a time, with traffic diverted to the Lincoln Tunnel during the closures. […] The work is slated to begin in the second quarter of next year. In the coming months, Port Authority staff will meet with the elected officials from the surrounding communities to discuss traffic mitigation and detours.” —

••• St. Paul’s Chapel got a new organ, and “as part of another renovation, of Trinity Church itself, the 15-year-old digital instrument will be replaced by an $8 million pipe organ now being made by Rosales Organ Builders, which also produced the acclaimed example in Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. The Rosales is projected to be in place by April 2021.” —New York Times

••• New York magazine rhapsodizes about Tetsu‘s delicious olive oil cake.



  1. UGH, prepare for the horn honking to start at 11:45 PM when the Holland Tunnel work begins. I remember how bad it was when they fixed the sprinkler system a few years back. SIGH.

    And no, I’ve never heard of “wildly popular” Whitmans either.

    • @KP @Marcus Doesn’t this mean honking will be REDUCED? If they are closing both outbound lanes and redirecting to the Lincoln Tunnel, sounds like that is a good thing for us who live near the Holland.

      • @Sam All I can tell you is that when they replaced the stand-pipe in the Holland Tunnel back in 2004, it was WAY worse. People queued up there anyway, even though signs warned about the closures. This went on for MONTHS. I don’t know if the plan this time is any different. We can only hope so.

        BTW. I just looked at an old email I sent to the Port Authority complaining about this issue, and they closed the lane(s) down at 10:30 — not midnight, FWIW.

  2. KP, agreed about the horn honking. It’s a maddening problem here (and in the city in general). What can be done to actually get anti-honking laws enforced? If I recall, honking is only supposed to used in cases of emergency.

    • The horn-honking near the tunnel on Friday afternoons is out of control! I wish the city would issue summonses for the honking violation, instead of the B.S. garbage summonses they like to give us.

  3. From the Trib: “Other nearby businesses, Stella, Rolling Rabbit, Tokyo Bay and Nili Lotan, along with Tribeca Alliance Partnership president Ann Benedetto, had sent emails of support to the board.”

    If they wanted to see the Street Seats be expanded in front of their frontage, why didn’t Steingard’s neighbor (and tenant?) Stella formally apply to DOT and CB1 for Street Seats there, instead of merely sending an ’email of support’?

    • Presumably because applying for Street Seats via the DOT is an arduous process. And Stella doesn’t want to build and store the seating, but it might want to benefit from having it there.

  4. The solution to all the horn honking will be autonomous vehicles where humans will no longer be venting their emotions at the wheel. It won’t be long…

    I’ve never heard of that burger chain. Hoping they use clean grass-fed meat. This is TriBeCa after all.

  5. Whitman’s is pretty great, especially the Juicy Lucy. Awful name, amazing burger.

  6. Laughing Man is one of the most friendly and welcoming businesses in the neighborhood. David S., the proprietor, and long time resident of Tribeca only wants the best for the neighborhood. The opposition is few and far between and each has their own agenda. Madeline Lanciani of Duane Park Patisserie opposes it because she did not come up with the idea first. Another man who lives on the street, Paul Sipos, actually said “we don’t need another park.”

    Unbelievable. The community board needs to wake up and actually listen to the community as a whole, not the very finite amount of people who oppose this WONDERFUL neighborhood amenity.