Seen & Heard: New Look Proposed for 1910 Building

••• There are gnarly-looking devices attached to lamppost on Reade (between Church and Broadway) and Warren (between W. Broadway and Church). The box has “Scout Anonymous Traffic Study Equipment” on it, and it’s evidently a product of Miovision. More info on the devices here. My guess is that the Department of Transportation is measuring bike-path traffic. I’m not going to ask because I already have one question in with the DOT.

••• LETA Architecture posted a rendering on Instagram a proposal for 142 Watts (457 Washington), which was recently sold: “Our proposal for a 3 story addition to a loft building in Tribeca. Open glass corner gives a view to the Hudson.

••• “For the past week I have had issues with the M9 bus, in both locations (Warren/W. Broadway and Warren/Church),” emailed S. “I waited for the bus one morning for 25 minutes to be told there was a sign (not visible) until further notice no M9 bus and it has been re-routed… Closest stop is Park Row and Beekman. The next morning, I decided to go to Park Row and Spruce/Beekman, and when the bus arrived I asked the driver whether he’s no longer stopping at those stops. He said, “I did this morning,” and I cant tell you how upset I was because I trooped such a walk with a toddler. I decided to call the number and ask when is the official start date of the M9 bus not going up Warren. I was only met by a very nasty representative who said, “I don’t know, if it says until further notice, then it’s until further notice.” Now I know there is planned construction for Warren Street, but last I looked Warren Street (W. Broadway to Broadway) was intact. Is there a way to find out when is the official date this re-routing will start and can an who can I hound to get an extra M22 be put in place to help to get to Park Row?” I suggested S. try asking Margaret Chin’s office about an extra M22, though I wouldn’t hold my breath, and here’s what the MTA said about the M9:

The M9 is being rerouted at times due to the Warren Street reconstruction project. This a Department of Design and Construction project to completely reconstruct Warren Street between West Street and Broadway. The project is scheduled to last until mid-2019. During construction, when sections of Warren Street are being closed intermittently by the contractors, M9 buses are temporarily detoured to Park Row to avoid severe delays. When the detour is in effect, NYC Transit places signs at the bus stops on Warren Street instructing M9 customers to use corresponding temporary stops on Park Row. This is also noted on “Service Status” section of the MTA website.

••• There’s a “store for rent” sign at 380 Broadway. I suppose it could refer to the space at White and Cortlandt Alley that was perhaps going to be a Bar Works coworking space; then again, I don’t know if that could really be referred to as a store.

••• Opening March 7 at Soho Photo: “The gallery is proud to present its annual Krappy Kamera Exhibition, including the winners of the 2018 International Competition, and exhibits by Soho Photo Gallery artists, photographer Jean Miele and former winners of previous Krappy Kamera Competitions. The Competition originated at Soho Photo Gallery in 1998 and is one of the high points of the year.” Below: by Jean Miele.



  1. Here is the store listing at 380 Broadway, updated 3/1. It appears to refer to the entire 1st floor as the store. Building has a cellar and subcellar. Lot is about 5,500 square feet (31.33 x 175.92); subtract the area of the perimeter walls, the lobby, the stairwell, and the elevator and you get to 5,000 SF.

    “5,000 SF can be taken individually or can be combined with 5,000 SF on the ground floor -Space also has the option to add 5,000 SF of basement storage -Both the LL and ground floor can be leased out in a direct deal. Current lease can be purchased.”

  2. That is a huge improvement for 142 Watts. It currently looks like a dump.

    • 142 Watts has some interesting detail in it’s facade but desperately needs a good cleaning. I do not agree the proposed changes are a huge improvement. The topper looks like a storage shed gone wild and the protruding windows look awkward.

  3. A thorough spray, repair and clean up of 142 Watts Street would be ideal – the new plans for the facade are fairly yucky.
    It is NOT a dump; it is original condition.