Seen & Heard: Poke Restaurant Closed

••• Tribeca Art+Culture Night is March 14. It’s great to see the event expanding its horizons: Besides the gallery stuff, you can take a puppeteer workshop; learn to swing, salsa, and waltz; and watch a demonstration by an expert paper-cutter. The full lineup.

••• Eastward Poke has closed. While it would seem like the poke economy was due for a correction, Eastward Poke always seemed like it was the most vulnerable.

••• The rep for Buddha Bar said that the renderings posted in November aren’t indicative of the design after all. No word on what the current opening estimate is.

••• New items at Arcade Bakery: Lemon poppy danish and (seasonally) hot cross buns.

••• “Law & Order: SVU” is at Chambers/Broadway again tomorrow.

••• Pen Parentis’s next salon is March 13: “authors Susan Muaddi Darraj, Marguerite Bouvard, and Katie Kitamura along with poet Sarah Gambito reading from current work and discussing issues that arise from writing about immigrants and immigration.” Info here.



  1. Poke Chan at 100 William has also closed, but other Pokes are on the way to 125 Maiden Lane (Sweet Catch) and 80 Broad (Pokebab). I still think there are too many. :-)

  2. Can’t wait to try to new offerings at Arcade. I have never had anything there that was not the best I had ever tasted. My latest was the ham & cheese croissant. Next trip will be pizza.

  3. I love the Art+Culture Night. We’ve attended several so far, and are inviting friends along for the upcoming one also.

    It’s a great initiative for the neighborhood. So far it seems quite sparsely attended, but I hope it succeeds. Hope others from the neighborhood and beyond will come out to support, so it keeps going…

  4. I am all for the Tribeca Art+Culture night and wish them success. I have to say, however, that they have the most confusing web site. It appears that to participate in touring the open galleries the tickets are free. I participated in the last one and just walked around to several galleries. I did not have a ticket. No one asked me for a ticket. I can understand why one would need a ticket for special events or guided tours for which there is a charge, but I don’t get the need for a “free” ticket, or an “early bird” free ticket which seems to be sold out??? Am I missing something?