Loft Peeping: Raft Loft

Interior Design featured the staircase at a 3,600-square-foot duplex loft in northwest Tribeca designed by Dash Marshall, and it’s a marvel: “The twisting curve of blackened steel […] stops a few steps short of the ground-level family room, terminating instead at an oak-floored ‘raft’: a raised platform that houses a wet bar and hangout area. The stair’s hefty metal treads and balustrade are supported by a white-painted brick plinth as well as by slim steel rods and bronze railings that confer a feeling of levity.”

But Dash Marshall’s website has much more information—and many more photos—of the entire property, which the firm calls Raft Loft. Of note:

••• The raised “raft” neatly creates spaces on either side; the rear can be closed off as a guest room, with or without an en suite bathroom.
••• Suspending most of the staircase makes the living room bigger.
••• Check out the ceilings in the guest bathrooms. They’re meant to evoke “abstracted cloud formations.”
••• The low garderobe (a new word for me; it means “a wardrobe or small storeroom, especially in a medieval building”) by the upstairs elevator door, which is the loft’s main entrance, has a sunken part to hold—and hide—keys and the like.

The photographs are by Mark Wickens, and Interior Design’s text is by Athena Waligore.

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