Seamore’s Is Opening in Brookfield Place

The updated Community Board 1 agendas that came out yesterday now include this, for the Licensing Committee meeting this Wednesday, March 14:

250 Vesey Street, Ground Floor, application for a liquor license for S Big Swing LLC d/b/a Seamore’s

Seamore’s is the seafood restaurant established in Nolita by Meatball Shop co-founder Michael Chernow in 2015; it has since expanded to Chelsea and Midtown (and, seasonally, Montauk). The lunch/dinner menu is below.

As for 250 Vesey, it’s the building with Parm on the ground floor. The only available storefront I know of is at the corner of Vesey and North End. I suppose Seamore’s could be taking over the Bocadillo Bar part of Amada, or even P.J. Clarke’s, but I don’t think the latter’s lease is close to up.

UPDATE: Thanks to TK for reminding me that there’s another empty retail space (below), west of P.J. Clarke’s—it’s undoubtedly where Seamore’s is opening.



  1. This is great news- love the one in Nolita, nice to have it close by. I can’t speculate as to which specific storefront they are considering on that block, but I do know that the PJ Clarkes in BPC is now the most profitable location in the whole chain, so I’m certain that Seamore’s would not be going there. I’d bet Parm or a portion of the Parm space.

  2. I think it is the space that PJ Clarks does not use. It is the South West side of the building with a bit of outdoor space. It was originally going to be a celebrity chef but they pulled out.