In the News: White Street Jail Expansion

••• From a letter to the Tribeca Trib: “With the proposed schedule for closing of Rikers Island jail and subsequent building of city jails to be located in each borough, Mayor de Blasio has announced plans to refit 125 White Street Manhattan Detention Center and the adjacent old ‘Tombs.'” He did? Totally missed that. (Probably because the New York Times didn’t mention that part.) “According to Borough President Gale Brewer, the current capacity of the Manhattan Detention Center—historically known as the ‘Tombs’—is only 900, but the estimates are that we will need capacity for 1500 people once the Rikers population is reduced as scheduled. Not only will this increase pedestrian traffic but vehicular traffic as well; there will be hundreds of corrections, maintenance, kitchen and other support staff who would normally drive to work.”

••• Great to see Shopboy‘s alteration atelier—altelier?—make it to New York magazine’s “Best of New York” list. And this is new: “Shopboy does home consultations for $100, plus the cost of alterations.” Also on the list: the 75 Club, the jazz club on Murray.

••• “Hole in the Wall, an 800-square-foot, 40-seat [café] at 15 Cliff Street, this week will begin closing at 5 p.m. in order to transform itself into ‘Sugar Momma’ for the evening booze crowd.” —New York Post



  1. The closing of Rikers is a positive move, and long overdo. Each community will now have its incarcerated citizens within walking distance to there homes, making visiting easier. I know traffic will be impacted, along with more placards, but do we really want to keep Rikers open? I think not.

  2. This jail plan so makes me want to spend millions to live in one of the new condos coming to 137 Centre Street.

  3. Why is Rikers being closed again? Because it’s supposedly corrupt and violent? Won’t this just move the corruption and violence closer to where people live? That does not sound like progress.

  4. See here for a critique of the idea to expand our friendly neighborhood jail:

  5. Riker’s is a terrible place, but that being said, it is being closed as it is the last swath of non developed water front real estate in NYC. DeBlasio’s major plans always have a real estate angle. How much do you want to bet that in 10 years there will be building water front condos with a ferry stop there?