New Kid on the Block: Shopboy

Kendall Khanna and Desmond Brooks have opened a new tailoring shop, Shopboy, on Walker Street. Her background is in wellness—both training and branding—and his is in fashion, having worked at Prada, Ralph Lauren, and, most recently, Kiton. “We were on the path of creating our own thing, and we saw a demand for tailoring.” says Khanna. “People are always asking Desmond for a recommendation—with so much shopping happening online now, it’s not as if you’re getting tailoring at wherever you bought the clothing—and the dry cleaner is usually the only option.” So their idea was to combine their experience and make a tailoring shop that you wouldn’t mind spending time in. And they’re also offering styling, if you like. “You could bring in a piece and we’ll help you figure out how to wear it,” says Khanna. (If only I had still that Loro Piana coat!) Best of all: Shopboy is open daily.

Shopboy is at 62 Walker (between Broadway and Church); 212-219-8754;

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  1. Outstanding idea, and something that I need. Mentally bookmarking.

  2. Calling tomorrow to make an appointment for a bag full of items! Welcome!!