Stylish Sushi Bar Opening on Warren

Despite all of the hints that something beefy is opening at 20 Warren, there are now floor plans and drawings of the interior posted in the window—even though the application was postponed from this week’s CB1 Licensing meeting—and the headline is “New York Sushi.” That would make a lot more sense for such a dark space. (If that’s the name of the restaurant, it’ll face some headwinds on Google.)

The floor plan shows a 15-seat “bar” up front and, tucked in the back, a 10-seat counter referred to as both “dining” and “sushi.” I don’t quite see how you get to the rear area, but the drawings are extremely appealing—remember, the design firm was involved with Brushstroke.

Note: This may not be the only new sushi restaurant in the neighborhood. After I posted about 112 Hudson in today’s Seen & Heard, a reader informed me that he/she had heard it, too, will be a sushi bar.