Seen & Heard: Ward III Says It Didn’t Mistreat the Cat

••• Regarding the cat that was stuck outside Ward III the other day, here’s a response from Ryan P. Burke, president of the Rum House Collective, which Ward III is part of.

Thanks for reaching out to us for our comments! I wish you had reached out before posting the story as many of the details are incredibly inaccurate and a pretty strong example of hyperbole as to what happened. Frankly, the email from your reader is a gross misrepresentation of a cat running into a bar.

According to our staff, the cat ran into the bar when the door was opened and into our basement. As I’m sure most of your readers are aware, the NYC Health Department prohibits live animals in eating and drinking establishments. Accordingly, our staff put the cat outside and it proceeded to try to run into Serafina, then it ran back in front of our establishment and ran between the window and grate of the building. Any suggestion that our staff pinned a cat in front of the building is ridiculous and defies logic.

Additionally – Our staff was discussing the situation with a neighbor about what to do with the cat. Someone brought it a can of food and our staff set out water for it. Another neighbor said they would take it to a shelter. Our bartender went back to work and thought nothing more of it.

In the future, feel free to reach out directly. We’ve always been supportive of our neighbors as well as your publication. We consider ourselves a good steward of the neighborhood and will continue to do so.

(Corby, who sent in the report on Sunday, begs to differ with this account.)

••• The steam system has been bonkers in south Tribeca for weeks now—on Broadway, Reade, Warren, Murray…. Workers come and workers go.

••• Opening today at hpgrp Gallery: “Gradation, a group exhibition by Kiichiro Adachi, exonemo, and Gabriel Pulecio. This exhibition introduces three artists who investigate new expressive forms, using light, moving images and reflections as a material.”

••• The 11-story building underway at 440 Washington (southwest corner of Desbrosses) is above ground.

••• Does Parm make pizza? Its menu doesn’t say so, but what else could these boxes be for?

••• I guess any firefighting that has to happen can wait till after lunch.

••• It looks like 137 Franklin is getting some greenery on its roof—a welcome addition for such a prominent building.



  1. I’ve had sandwiches catered from Parm and they come in those boxes as do the sides – like salad, ect.