Seen & Heard: Interlude Café

••• The café coming to 145 Hudson will be called Interlude. And it posted neat 1939 photos of the building on Instagram.

••• The door to Attraversiamo, the restaurant across W. Broadway from Terra (whose owners are also behind Attraversiamo), was open the other day, and the space has yet to be built out, so I wouldn’t expect it to open for a couple of months at least.

••• The paper is off the windows at the Foundrae jewelry boutique on Lispenard, so perhaps it’s open. UPDATE 3/17: It opens next week.

••• When I was at 565 Broome, I was surprised to see how the cornice at the Chelsea Vocational High School (131 Sixth Ave.) is a false front.

••• Opening today at Cheryl Hazan Gallery: A State of Mind, works by Karim Ghidinelli. The artist’s statement: “It was virtually impossible to prepare the necessary body of work without considering the peculiar and singular nature of our current political horizon. Through the various pieces presented I considered the many challenges we face in our society, looking at them from as many views as possible, and taking blame for as much as possible as well.” Below: “Crown Lost.”

••• The storefront on the upper level of the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place, next to the new Oliver People store, is still raw. Does anyone know what’s moving in there? I don’t think it’s the Sant Ambroeus restaurant.



  1. I’ve asked the guards about that space in Brookfield but no one seems to know.

  2. DAG! I was really hoping this would be a sushi restaurant. Wasn’t a sushi restaurant supposed to open on Franklin? Near Thalassa?

  3. The NYC iSchool (in the same building as Chelsea) uses that roof for some gardening and other science experiments. Interesting to get a view from above!

  4. Cool photos, showing the leveled remains of what was once the St. John’s Park Freight Depot, after it was demolished in 1927, but before Holland Tunnel exit loop was built in its place.

    Also note at that time there was a building between 145 Hudson, and 135 Hudson street that is no longer standing. Curious the story behind it, and why it was demolished.

    • From the Tribeca West Historic District designation report:

      No. 3-9 HUBERT STREET between Hudson Street & Collister Street (South Side) a/k/a 137 Hudson Street Tax Map Block/Lot: 214/14 Date: 1971 [Dem. 230-1971]

      Parking lot


      This 100-foot by 171-foot lot, with a seventy-six-foot by twenty-eight-foot extension to Hudson Street, has been used as a parking lot since 1971, when two buildings were demolished. Public School 44 was erected at the southeast corner of Hubert Street and Collister Street in 1897, replacing four residences facing Hubert Street and several stables on Collister Street. The school, designed the Board of Education’s Superintendent of School Buildings, C.B.J. Snyder, was five stories in height and had wings extending along Hubert Street and Collister Street that enclosed a court. In the 1930s the school was used as a Works Project Administration office and in the 1940s it housed a police training facility. On the portion of this lot extending through to Hudson Street, from 1901 until 1971, stood a six-story warehouse, designed by Louis Korn for Samuel Weil, who later acquired the store and loft building at 413 Greenwich Street.

  5. Thanks to the quick research James!

  6. Where is Sant Ambrose going to be located?

  7. A lot of action at Attraversiamo tonight.