In the News: Racines’s New Chef Has Left

••• “After hearing—loudly—from critics and community members, the team behind 140 Broadway’s plaza revamp have revised their design for the outdoor spaces surrounding the former Marine Midland Building, SOM’s landmarked 1968 corporate modernist masterpiece.” It goes before the Landmarks Preservation Commission next week. —Architect’s Newspaper

••• “Eric Korsh—a former [North End Grill] chef who’s been accused of sexual misconduct—has left his new job at Tribeca wine bar and restaurant Racines NY. The chef split with the restaurant ‘by mutual agreement,’ according to a statement from Racines, and sous chef Mariana Mateos will be taking over until she leaves next month to open her own restaurant in the Loire Valley in France.” —Eater

••• The Bowery Boys recorded a podcast about the history of Tribeca.

••• “How students in many Lower Manhattan schools joined the stand Wednesday against gun violence.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “Earlier this week, there appeared to be a single worker at the construction site for the West Thames bridge, and no significant activity—a situation that has been the norm since mid-February. But officials at the Economic Development Corporation, which is overseeing the project, say that the bridge remains on-budget and within its most recent schedule, which calls for the span to open by the end of this year.” —Broadsheet

••• Daytonian in Manhattan looks into the history of 47 Walker, which “includes heart-wrenching tragedies, Socialist newspapers, and bootlegging.” Also, the building used to have a mansard roof.


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