Seen & Heard: The Ghostbusters Firehouse Is Back

••• E. noticed that the Soho Grand is planning to open a 24-hour diner, but I don’t know if it’s where Gilligan’s is or where the dog run is. Feel free to attend tonight’s Community Board 2 meeting and report back.

••• Just in time for the summer tourism season, the veil has come off the Ladder 8 firehouse at 10 N. Moore (better known as the Ghostbusters firehouse). The company moved out in November of 2015, and the renovation is supposed to take three years.

••• I had been hoping to get more info on the liquor-license application for 285 W. Broadway (formerly Haus), but apparently the applicant didn’t fill in a lot of the info. The method of application is bar, and the hours are midnight to 4 a.m., so clearly we’re in nightclub territory again. At this time, it’s still on the agenda for Wednesday night’s meeting of the Community Board 1 Licensing Committee.

••• Blaue Gans is closed for repairs.

••• What was briefly Eastward Poke is being turned into Papa Kitchen. The photos of food along the sidewalk include something called a Zinger Burger (which now that I Google it, is a KFC menu item).

••• There’s marketing signage up for the conversion at 51 White Street, but the URL ( leads to a blank page. (Also, did they ponder the potential misread in the URL?) I was hoping for a rendering of the ground floor, which wanted some affection badly. We’ll have to make do with this drawing from City Realty.


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  1. The sidewalk shed was also just taken down at Ladder 8. It looks great!