In the News: Why Souths Is Closing

••• Eater liked Frenchette.

••• “The United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York as well as the New York State Attorney General are conducting an investigation into the finances of St. Nicholas National Shrine as well as the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.” —National Herald (via Broadsheet)

••• In a Q&A with the Tribeca Trib, the Souths guys make it sound like the restaurant is closing for economic reasons.

Johnny Griffin: Business had begun declining two years ago and last year was our worst year ever. The building last year was up for sale. We were approached by a potential buyer of the building and we agreed on a buyout price and he had already lined up another restaurant to come in here. But he and the owner couldn’t agree on a price.

Roger Herr: We were hustling. We tried for a year to figure out the best way to either renegotiate our lease—or there were a lot of different strategies. The landlord’s been great. People will tell you we’re at market or under market. It’s just that the market is different now.

••• Gary Shteyngart is a terrific writer, and “Wall Street legend” Michael Novogratz (who lives in Tribeca) certainly seems like a character, but Shteyngart’s New Yorker profile is so long—and involves cryptocurrencies—that even skimming it was exhausting.

••• Variety asked actress Emily Blunt about her first New York apartment, which was in Tribeca.


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  1. Re: Frenchette – went tonight.. very busy! Ate at the bar. Great staff and food was excellent. Beautiful dining room as well.
    Will certainly return many times over.. A+