In the News: Judge’s Ruling on the Crane Collapse

••• Regarding the deadly 2016 crane collapse on Worth Street: “Judge Ingrid Addison’s 68-page decision, issued this week, lays the onus for the disaster on the crane’s operator, Kevin Reilly, and approved yanking his license. Addison also faulted Department of Buildings inspectors for approving a crane stowage plan that would have knocked the crane’s arm into a building if strictly followed, and ripped the DOB’s argument that it is not responsible for ensuring plans are safe for New Yorkers as ‘counter to its profile and mission.'” —New York Post

••• The building with Azabu in the basement, 428 Greenwich, showed up in Archinect‘s project database, and I think it’s new. What I found of interest—beyond photos of the interior, because who doesn’t like those?—was this: “We worked with the owners to combine the two upper units while maintaining the ground floor restaurant, tying the four upper floors together with a new stair and an open, flexible layout, designed to accommodate either residential or office uses for future rental tenants.” I had been wondering whether the former Daruma-Ya/Greenwich Grill restaurant space on the ground floor would still be a restaurant, and it appears so, dormant though it may be.

••• An anti-Chick-fil-A rant on the occasion of the new FiDi outpost. —The New Yorker

••• “We shopped at Mattress Firm and saw why it could be on the verge of closing hundreds of stores.” The article—centered on a visit to the store at Church and Warren—is more of a Yelp review than journalism, but that store is so depressing I felt it warranted mentioning. —Business Insider

••• The Broadsheet looks into the financial situation of Hudson River Park.

••• Evidently this is part of the Tribeca Film Festival: “Families can catch up with Count Dracula’s lavish resort that’s featured in the 2012 animated film [Hotel Transylvania]. In addition to the free screening, there will be a Transylvania dance party, costume parade and trivia contest for kids. April 22, 10 a.m., BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, 199 Chambers.” This is also marketing for Hotel Transylvania 3, due out this summer. —New York Post

••• Daytonian in Manhattan takes a look at 175 Broadway, which Century 21 mangled. The photo below is from the collection of the New York Public Library.


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  1. “anti-Chick-fil-A”

    Agreed about the rants…I won’t set foot in that place (not that I would anyway, since I’m vegan).

    There are essentially 2 options in response:
    – Enact laws (as some cities have done) to support/prefer local businesses over chains
    – Act as individuals: If you dread the Rise of the Chains, do not support such businesses; support the local shops and restaurants instead