Seen & Heard: Opening Forecast for Summer Day Café and Holy Ground

••• More from Kadel Coakley on the military helicopters that were doing drills this week: “This one looks like an M(or A)H-6 ‘Little Bird’ at a glance, from the US Army’s 160th SOAR, an elite Special Operations Aviation Regiment, basically a group of the best help pilots in the world that are the people that do the help work for SpecOps. Their main role is assignments that other pilots would assume to be impossible or a death wish, they commonly descend rapidly and instantly balance the help on the the little walled edges of buildings so that SEALs or Delta Force can rapid deploy.”

••• New York Academy of Art’s Open Studios event is apparently tonight.

••• Grand Banks shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bags are available here. I always coveted the baseball caps the staff wears. Maybe someday….

••• I got a sneak peek at A Summer Day Café and Holy Ground, the two establishments opening where Super Linda was, and they’re going to feel totally different—not just from Super Linda, but from each other. (The Summer Day entrance is on W. Broadway, into the atrium, while Holy Ground is accessed from Reade.) They’re shooting for a May 15 opening.

••• Councilmember Margaret Chin’s office sent out a press release about hearings on a proposed helicopter-tourism ban that included this: “When asked by Council Members to provide more information on the industry’s overall economic impact, EDC was not forthcoming with statistics about the number of jobs and generated revenue.”

••• B. spotted two more more Peanuts murals at Greenwich and Vandam. I’m not sure Charlie Brown would be pleased with his portrait.