Seen & Heard: The Pier 17 Concert Lineup

••• Something appears to be moving into this small space at 177 Church.

••• From the Lilac at Pier 26: “The U.S. Lighthouse Tender Lilac was launched on May 26, 1933, and will celebrate this anniversary with birthday cake for all visitors when the ship opens for the season next Saturday [May 26]. Join us for tours of the ship, to view our current exhibition, and to see the amazing progress made over the winter in restoring communication systems and getting things looking shipshape. New Hours: Lilac will be open Saturdays and Sundays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. starting next weekend and will be open until mid-October. The ship will also be open for special events.” Also: “Our first exhibit of the season is Innerspace Microsculptures a selection of photographs of Hudson River phytoplankton by Andrew Paul Leonard.”

••• The brother-and-sister team opening Interlude Café at 145 Hudson have started a Gofundme drive for expenses:

It has now been eight months since we signed our names on the dotted line. New York City has not made it easy, and we have had so many delays thrown at us, and often for no fault of our own! We have learnt that there is so little in our control, and sometimes all we can do is wait. Although the waiting was tough, it gave us extra time to fine tune our business model, test recipes, hone our craft, and make important and thoughtful adjustments.

We’ve come to appreciate the pause and can now confidently say that it has been worth it! We are ready to pass our Interlude to you, in a more tangible way. We can’t wait to give you that experience!

We had hoped that, by now, we would have had some income going towards our equipment payments, rent, and the last of the construction dues. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Thus, we would like to seek your help. Your financial support will go towards helping us with our payments, and provide us with some security from our unexpected delays.

••• The reader known as Hudson River says that Underground Potato was due to open in the Fulton Center, at the end of the corridor from the Oculus, this past Friday: “I will have to do a comparison with the frites from the stand at Le District.” Indeed!

••• Here’s the rest of the Pier 17 concert schedule. Kind of a random assortment, but maybe that’s nice? On September 26: Sting and Shaggy.



  1. Update re potato: It still wasn’t open yesterday (Saturday).