Seen & Heard: What’s Next for the North End Grill Space?

••• I’ve been thinking about what’ll happen to the North End Grill space once the restaurant closes at the end of the year. My understanding is that the Union Square Hospitality Group will not be opening another establishment there. The wood-burning grills would mean it’s vented in a way that it could nicely handle a wood-burning pizza oven….

••• From W.: “Did you know there’s a great marching band practice every Thursday night in Foley Square. Good show!”

••• Every time I’m in side the Oculus, a.k.a. the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, I wonder why the souvenir shops nearby don’t sell scale models of it, the way they do the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, etc. Or even a pop-up card of it…. UPDATE: Sean points out that Lovepop, on the Oculus floor, sells an Oculus pop-up card for $15.

••• The Greenmarket at the plaza on the north side of the Oculus will open on June 5.

••• Someone from the local Docomoco* chapter wrote about the work happening at the New York State Insurance Fund building at 199 Church Street. “We are extremely concerned about the possible damage to this building, due to the State’s planned workplace improvements. It’s rumored that the exterior elements at the base may be altered, even though the building has been determined to be eligible for listing to the National Register.” No one knows what is happening to the building, which is being adapted—at the whim of Governor Andrew Cuomo—to hold several hundred state troopers. But some good news: I went over to Trimble Place, and the vent recently added to that side of the building (first photo below) has been made to resemble, more or less, the existing one (second photo). What’s happening now to the existing one is unclear. As for what we can do, my only thought is that maybe a local state official (i.e. Deborah Glick or Brian Kavanagh) can get the Cuomo administration and/or the state troopers to share an explanation and renderings. But given the administration’s behavior, I wouldn’t hold my breath. (*”Docomomo International is a non-profit organization whose full title is International Committee for Documentation and Conservation of Buildings, Sites and Neighbourhoods of the Modern Movement.” —Wikipedia.)


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  1. Re; 199 Church

    As this is a State-owned building, if they are concerned, maybe someone from Docomoco should file a Freedom of Information Law request of (i) State Insurance Fund and (ii) the State Historic Preservation Office for all documents, correspondence, meeting agendas, etc. pertaining to the State’s compliance with the New York State Historic Preservation Act of 1980, Section 14.09 and all related documents by the NYSIF agency preservation officer.

    State Insurance Fund
    Records Access Officer
    Office of the General Attorney
    199 Church Street
    New York, NY 10007

    NYS Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation
    Records Access Officer
    Albany, NY 12238
    518-474-5106 (fax)


    “The act also requires state agencies to consult with the SHPO if it appears that any projects being planned may or will cause any change, beneficial or adverse, in the quality of any historic, architectural, archeological or cultural property that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places or listed on the State Register or that is determined to be eligible for listing on the State Register. It requires state agencies, to the fullest extent practicable, consistent with other provisions of the law, to avoid or mitigate adverse impacts to such properties, to explore all feasible and prudent alternatives and to give due consideration to feasible and prudent plans that would avoid or mitigate adverse impacts to such property. The act also establishes agency preservation officers within state agencies for the purpose of implementing these provisions.”