Seen & Heard: Slow Start for Trader Joe’s

••• I recall folks on this site—or maybe it was a conversation I had—questioning the demand for Trader Joe’s around Hudson Square. Unlike Union Square, that area is hardly a crossroads. The store is still new, of course, but when I stopped by yesterday at 12:30 p.m., there was no line at all to check out. (So go!)

••• I hear that Home by thisopenspace has extended its pop-up on W. Broadway.

••• The Bennett is another place that doesn’t seem to water its plants. At least Brushstroke finally got rid of its dead trees.

••• Shooting today in the Church/Reade area: something called “Spring Days.”

••• The fence at Duane Park is getting a thorough painting for the first time in 20 years. Disconcerting to see it in silver (which is just the primer).

••• California Closets’s Tribeca showroom has reopened.



  1. sssh, we do not speak of the SoHo Trader Joe’s… let the masses go to Union Sq and Chelsea. It’s freakin’ paradise down here.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I love that there’s a secret Trader Joe’s downtown!

    • And the downtown delivery fee of just $6.95 makes it possible to stock up and get the items delivered later in the day.

      • I didn’t even know Trader Joe’s delivers…
        I couldn’t find this info on the web site.
        How does one place the order?

        • No online ordering – just shop in person and then they will deliver to you for $6.95 (vs carrying it home or hopping a cab).

    • TJ’s in SoHo; Bliss!

    • I agree. Maybe I’m a pushover, but to be able to amble around a TJ store as I please is a piece of heaven on earth. The stock seemed shy a few things I’d seen in other stores, and a manager told me they were taking small steps during the opening months.

      I found it nearly impossible to formulate a profile of the customers I saw there. The Chelsea and 14th street crowds show some sort of loose commonality, but I couldn’t make head or tail of this group.

      One nice thing was that there was a man who required a large, motorized wheelchair to get about, and I’m guessing this store gave him his first opportunity to experience the chain in NYC.

  2. I was one of those people questioning the foot traffic. The location just doesn’t seem like an area where a ton of people will be seeking out groceries. But lucky for those of us who are!