Tent & Trails Will Close Temporarily

When I saw the signs proclaiming everything inside Tent & Trails to be 50% off—an escalation of the 35% off sale—I was concerned, to say the least. And, indeed, the store is closing… but only on a temporary basis. The construction of 19 Park Place next door evidently caused structural damage to 21 Park Place, and as a result, the building has to be given a new underpinning (no small project in a 100-year-old edifice). This would explain why the building is no longer listed for sale.

There’s no word on when the store will close—or when it will reopen—so stop in soon and stock up on outdoors gear. UPDATE: Neighbor says the store is closing June 4, which is this coming Monday.



  1. They are closing June 4th.
    Thanks for the explanation, Erik, as the response to me was unclear rather, was a mumbled reference to construction from the building next door.

  2. Oh NOOOOO!!!!! this is awful! my favorite hiking store! Are they REALLY reopening at some point? Too bad i was not here when it was about to close!
    To me, losing Tents and Trails would be the worse of all economic-crise related closings, and amazon/related overtaking of brink and mortar local stores.In the past, I have purchased my Granite Gear replacement backpack and other expensive stuff from them even when I could find it cheaper online BECAUSE I wanted them to stay!

  3. Tents and trails is a classic outdoor adventure store I love them I was a scout master for years and tents and trails always supported the boys with discounts and an excellent selection of equipment they also cater to extreme adventurers ice climbing, rock climbing back country backpacking what a great place where you can wander through and actually touch the gear and get great service and information from the employees as they practice what they sell I really hope they open back up quickly because I miss them already icon of the outdoor world

  4. Hello! I totally agree with you. I have been going to Tents and Trails for over 20 years and was shocked to find it still closed (no sign when it will be opened) a few days ago. Do you by any chance know when it will open again or if it has already opened somewhere else?

  5. There is still the REI inside the puck building at Houston and Lafayette. They have fairly similar collections of hiking shoes. I got a pair of Keen’s 3 years ago at Tent & Trails, and an identical pair one year ago in REI.
    But Tent & Trails didn’t have that corporate feel that REI has. Also, it was always nice to walk in and exchange a polite ‘Tashi delek’ with the Tibetan mountaineering experts on staff.