Seen & Heard: Slice Joint Closed

••• Great story from John Willenbecher:

Jane Freeman’s images of Tribeca old and new include one of a birdhouse that hung rather forlornly for many years in Bogardus Garden. Turns out it was the lone survivor of a show sponsored by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council in which, as I understand it, artist-designed birdhouses were hung from the limbs of the trees in the park.

A few years ago the Parks Department did a serious pruning job on the trees in the garden and, realizing that the limb from which little birdhouse was suspended was about to be eliminated, I managed to safely retrieve it. Later I found out that it was made by the well-known artist Fred Wilson.

One evening not long after the rescue I ran into Fred at a reception at the Whitney Museum, where he is a trustee, and told him I rescued his “Little Red School House.” But when I offered to give it back to him he said, “Oh thanks! But do just keep it!” And so I still have it and it is hanging not on a tree but on the wall in my nearby loft.

••• Something different from Notify NYC: “A gathering of approximately 400 jet skis will occur [today, June 9] at approximately 11 a.m. on the East River near Long Island City. They will travel southbound on the East River, then westerly through New York Harbor near the Battery, and then northbound up the Hudson River.”

••• Rossettis Pizza on Sixth Ave., just below Broome, has closed.

••• Thanks to the reader who sent over the listing for the North End Grill space. $58,000 per month is a lot of pizza, alas. Also: North End Grill has substantially updated its dinner menu for the first time since chef Emily Brekke took over.

••• “Kati Roll Company is opening a location on Maiden Lane between Nassau and Liberty,” says P. “They recently unveiled a banner and artwork on the facade. This will be the restaurant’s sixth location and first one below Houston.”