Zutto Will Reopen

Good news for the many fans of Zutto, the “Japanese-American pub” that closed last month after some thirty-odd years. (No one seems to know exactly when it debuted.)  “Zutto will be re-opening in a couple of weeks after a little bit of renovation!” announced the restaurant on Instagram yesterday. “Don’t forget about us! We will be back soon.”

When Zutto closed, there was talk that the staff was attempting to resuscitate it; whether that’s what is happening is unclear. (I had also heard of other restaurateurs who were checking out the space.) We’ll learn more eventually….

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  1. So happy to hear this! We were there nearly every week.

  2. FYI, Zutto opened about the same time Puffy’s(restored) did,
    circa 1978. The original Zutto was in a former warehouse space
    with the same Greek landlord we had at 81 Hudson. The
    original owner was Japanese, but had to sell the restaurant to
    a Korean after a divorce settlement. He moved to Honolulu,
    where he opened a sushi restaurant.

  3. stopped going there when Albert the chef left. it changed and he has the best omakase around. bring albert back